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Well here it is, and the best news is that, as far as I can ascertain, it's 100% genuine!




Here is a pic of the pocket, without the leather trim-


Here's a pic next to my brown, shop-bought harrington -


Here is a comparison of the inside detail -


And a comparison of the collars and labels -


And with a swatch from its brother -


Zip from the Blue one -


And from the Brown -




Hope that you like the pics. I'm still in a bit of a daze about all of this.


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Good steal Blair, not into clothes but really good to see true collectors get the real deal from time to time, well done ....... Now how much is the glass cabinet with uv glass going to cost?   ajb007/cheers


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...speechless... ajb007/bond


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ajb007/martini  Congratulations.  Lovely stuff.

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Bullet-proof glass, I think! And a laser trip wire, too!

Gadget Meister wrote:

Good steal Blair, not into clothes but really good to see true collectors get the real deal from time to time, well done ....... Now how much is the glass cabinet with uv glass going to cost?   ajb007/cheers


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Great score, Blair!  ajb007/martini

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Nice work!  ajb007/martini

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fantastic pictures, congrats again!


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Just beautiful.  Congratulations, can't imagine how excited you are!   ajb007/cheers


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Still buzzing...I'm possibly the happiest Bond fan on the planet, right now!


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Congrats again! Really curious...is there a backstory to the jacket?

Did the seller say anything?

I'm curious as if I remember right the eBay page was in German so I didn't pick up on anything.


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He sent me this email, and has told me that it would be ok with him if I posted it here:

and so I now read on www.ajb007.co.uk/forum that people thinks it could have sold for 5 figures!!

I was trying to joing the ajb007 forums for over two weeks so I could let people on there know I was wanting to sell the jacket. After registering (twice) i never received an activation email so couldnt post about it.

As for the person calling me a "halfwit" etc and questioning if it is real, they cant exactly judge me! I am lucky enough to own many many Tom Ford items (I am a fan of his and have a friend who works for the company) and can guarantee it is a geuine Tom Ford item with all the correct tags etc. Plus, I have some items personally made for David Walliams by Tom Ford (since they are friends) and they too have the inside pocket label exactly as this one does stating Daniel Craig (same stitching, font, etc).

As for the story behind it, I dont know whether it was used on screen or not, simply that it came from the film production somehow. I will ask some questions at my end.

I priced it at this since I bought it for 1200 from my friend as he didnt know the value and simply wanted cost for it. I therefore obliged and paid that hoping it might be an invetment, and then coming to sell it I just didnt want to risk losing money on my initial purchase and it was more imporatnt to simply get my money back. I am not any film buff, so those calling me stupid etc, I just live a normal, real life and didnt appreciate its value to collector types"

I feel for the guy, and I'm actually going to send him a little extra money, so that he doesn't feel too aggrieved.

When I saw it coming up, I was in two minds as to its authenticity, but thought that it would be worth a gamble. I count my lucky stars that I just went for it...


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This is great! Nice pictures and you are a lucky Bond fan. This is easily one of my favorite jackets.

This also shows how close Magnoli's version is to the TF version. If there are any tweaks he can implement from this, that would be awesome!


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Meesta Bawnd wrote:

As for the person calling me a "halfwit" etc and questioning if it is real, they cant exactly judge me!

ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol  now our ever- diplomatic friend kewee made him angry  ajb007/biggrin
And I thought that this would only happen to me  ajb007/lol

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Amazing pick up. I think I know who the seller is. He sells alot of TF stuff and they're definitely authentic.

Is there any truth to the story that DC donated a bunch of his screen-worn clothes to the local Goodwill?


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Amazing get Meesta Bawnd!! You have every right to be as chuffed to bits as you seem. Thank you for also sharing the story / photo comparisons as I'm sure that there's many on here who'll get much benefit from them.

I applaud you for also saying that you'll give the guy a bit of extra cash. Not many would, but I tip my hat to you!  ajb007/martini


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Congrats on the amazing purchase! ajb007/amazed


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Congratulations Blair  ajb007/martini  nice find, great story   ajb007/lol

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Amazing! Thanks for the detailed photos. They really show off the jacket's superb quality that few else can compare to.


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Awesome !!! Have read your many posts and search for this, shows patience pays off.

Always a relief when items turn out 100% genuine too

There was a lot of sceptics on Pistonheads when I bought my DBS around the number plate I was given (AO07 AML), but it turned up with it on !!!

Congrats again


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Congrats Blair!

I saw this listed for a few hours but size 52 is too small for me (its been on eBay recently before but I guess the person who bought it changed his mind)

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tom-Ford-Jame … 565cd16598

It looks great and even better that it is part of the production  - a great collectors item too!!!!!!

Now please don't go and put some SA burn marks, desert scuffs and Axe holes in it!!!  ajb007/biggrin  ajb007/cheers

PS - looks total mint!!!!

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Blair, make room for me when I come to visit...cause I will be sleeping in that thing!  Seriously, so very very cool.....lets see it displayed soon!

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Jacket looks great, Blair!!  And definitely the genuine article!  Congrats on scooping that up!  Further proof that it pays to be diligent in searching for the items you really want!!  Wear it in good health!

Kindest regards,


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Times like this I wish TF would reissue this (SA of course!!!)  If any 007 item needed a special run it would be this!!!!!!

Jealous Welshboy 78   ajb007/lol

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