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With a bit of sun,sea and sand. How about Thunderball ?  I have some happy memories of
Doing a bit of snorkeling, then drying out on the beach reading TB  ajb007/smile


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Well I finished off the Bond books.  I'm still not sure what to make of some of the later books.  TMWTGG wasn't too bad, but wasn't too exciting either.  And by that point Jamaica was becoming an over-used location.  YOLT I didn't like, I wasn't surprised as I don't care much for the movie either, but I had hopes the book would be better.  But I think I prefer the movie.  OHMSS was pretty good, more or less like the movie only the plot seemed more plausible when explained by Fleming than when shown by EON.  Octopussy and The Living Daylights was hit and miss, like the previous book of short stories.  Some good, some I didn't care about.

Now I'm onto the original trilogy Star Wars novelizations.  I never read them, or really felt the need to (I like Star Wars books but I've seen the movies so many times I never felt the need to read the novelizations), but my brother bought me this really nice leather-bound (with Vader's mask in gold trim) Barnes & Noble special edition of the trilogy novelizations.  So I figure I'll read through them real quick, and Ep. IV has been a pretty fun read so far.  After that I think I'm going to do the Gregory McDonald "Fletch" series, I've only read the first book and have been wanting to read them all for a while.  After that I'll probably check out some of the Bond continuation novels.  What are some of the better ones?


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Lee Child's "The Affair". I see Racher as a mix of Sherlock Holmes and a classic western hero.

"Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari. Very interesting if you want a overview of the big changes in human history.


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I have read a lot of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels. I like them especially the earlier ones.
Currently reading The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr. It's a locked room murder mystery and I have absolutely no idea how the killer did the murder. I am about halfway through and looking forward to the big reveal at the end.  ajb007/martini

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Reading WIN, LOSE OR DIE by John Gardner. I've always enjoyed the Gardner Bond novels ( most of them anyway).


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I'm busy reading 'Uncle Dynamite' by PG Wodehouse at the moment, but I seem to have mislaid my copy of the book. What a plonker! I think I left it in someone's car. Hopefully I can locate it, because I was really enjoying it!  ajb007/crap

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I've been reading the Flashman books, by George MacDonald Fraser
up to the fourth one, ...At The Charge (of the Light Brigade), got at least four more sitting in a pile waiting their turn

I like the comedy and the well researched history, I'm learning lots of bits not usually told in the standard histories, but a bit of online factchecking shows Fraser knows his stuff
the whole conceit is an elaborate forgery too, a persuasive insertion of a modernday fictional character into 19th century history and literature, supposedly a few reviewers were fooled and thought these "newly discovered memoirs" were authentic! bonus points for that

so far, the one I liked best was Flash for Freedom, about the slave trade ... the scene where the English ship purchases the slaves from another African tribe is nightmarish, and the whole ongoing question of slavery's legacy in America makes some of the "hero"'s actions more reprehensible than usual

the ending of ...At the Charge resembles our film The Living Daylights: Flashman is captured by the Russians during the Crimean War, and a rogue Russian Count transports Flashman towards the Afghan border, as part of a secret plan to invade India while Britain is otherwise occupied. a pair of locals sharing his prison cell help Flashman escape, and involve him in their war of resistance against the Russian army ... sound familiar?
since we know Fraser was somehow involved in the screenplay for Octopussy, two films earlier, maybe the producers had been reading his books and borrowed a plot thread?


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^ absolutely love the Flashman... novels...I had them recommended to me to by an old AJB stalwart, Willie Garvin...a true gentleman  ajb007/martini

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+1. They're very enjoyable.

Also +1 re Willie Garvin.

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I love the Flashman books too. I think HBO should make a miniseries based on them,  perhaps starring Dominic West,  Gerard Butler, James Purefoy  or  Hugh Laurie.