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Ok folks, I have begun the quest for binoculars used by Bond in the films...
Of course there are the Tasco 7800, but what other brands-types have been used...like the binos used by Jill in Goldfinger, or Brosnans Digital photo binos from Goldeneye?
Anybody have information on the various different scope/binoculars used in the films??


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I would love to know what kind of monocular-camera Bond used in Goldeneye. I've searched for ages and have yet to come up with anything.


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I believe it's actually a rangefinder.


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Thought that might be the case as it only has the one front lens...been seeking a similar one, but have yet to turn it up.
Also the Binos Jill uses have a single eyepiece hood on the back-interesting but not something I have seen on a real model yet.