Topic: Bondstars: Ursula Andress Signing - January 2010

Just read that Bondstars are holding a signing with Ursula in January 2010.

This is only of course if the target of 100 stills are ordered up and met by the time specified on their website.

I've expressed an interest using their form on the site.  I've already met Ursula at Autographica 4 years ago and got 2 autographs signed by the lady herself - but would like another one.

http://www.bondstars.com/ursulaandress/ … /index.htm


Re: Bondstars: Ursula Andress Signing - January 2010

We are really proud to announce that we have secured a private signing with Ursula Andress (Honey Rider in Dr No). This private signing will only go ahead if we receive a minimum of 100 pre-orders.

The pre-order will close on Wednesday 9th December 2009 at
10:00am GMT.

Ms Andress has personally chosen the 4 stills for this signing). No other stills will be available and we cannot accept your personal items to be signed.

Ms Andress will personalise each still however the message will be limited to your name and a simple greeting such as "Best Wishes" etc. Bondstars.com have the right to edit dedications if felt necessary.

The cost per signed item is £50.00. This includes worldwide shipping and handling.

If the signing goes ahead it will take place January 2010

This is a private signing and no public will be admitted

For more information please visiit


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