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During the promotional run up to the release of The World Is Not Enough photographer Nigel Parry took these incredible candid images of Pierce Brosnan and the late great sadly missed Desmond Llewelyn, some of which were utilised in the publicity campaign however the majority on this contact sheet have not been seen before. These images of Pierce pretty much acting the fool show the incredible respect and affection the two actors had for each other. These are especially poignant as they were the last such images before Desmond's untimely death. I hope you enjoy these images  ajb007/martini

Also shown is Desmond's engraved brass personal "00Q" identification card created for his character in his last outing as the MI6 Gadget Meister which was not utilised on screen. Sorry replicators, specific details have been removed as I do not want this copied.




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Lovely images - they do show a real warmth between them  ajb007/martini

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What a great set.  It's quite moving.



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Very cool Donk x