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Yeah, it's better when it' Sunny  ajb007/martini

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Re: The National Gallery

Thunderbird 2 wrote:

Without even realising I was doing it at the time, entered the building the same way as Bond! The steps lead up one side of the main entrance portico, identical steps approach from the other side too. Trafalgar Square was busier today than the scene in the film.

  Room 34 in the gallery is exactly as described in that blog article. Those "other" Turner paintings include the famous Rain Steam and Speed, and The Hay Wain!  Lovely stuff.

Incidentally the benches used in the film are genuine ones from the Gallery. I spotted them in other areas, spaced apart.  So many lovely paintings, not nealy enough time!

TB2 is this a history of art test?  because the Haywain is by John Constable, while the others are by Turner.

They did have some Turners on display at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery-but I missed them.