• wordswords Buckinghamshire, EnglandPosts: 249MI6 Agent
    I watched CR again with my Wife the other night. It does stand up stupendously well to repeat viewings- we were again riveted throughout.
  • sharpshootersharpshooter Posts: 164MI6 Agent
    I saw it three times on the big screen. I can't recall the exact number of times on DVD, so I'll be vague and say many.
  • Sir MilesSir Miles The Wrong Side Of The WardrobePosts: 25,637Chief of Staff
    revilo94 wrote:
    Sir Miles wrote:
    In theatres it was 10 or 11 times - can't remember which now :s

    Such a bondnerd! :)) :)

    You better believe it :D
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  • copamancopaman Posts: 106MI6 Agent
    Twice in total
  • Krassno GranitskiKrassno Granitski USAPosts: 896MI6 Agent
    Hard to lose count, I have seen it twice. Once in the theater, once on DVD. I'll watch it again right before I see Quantum of Solace.
  • xaeroxaero Posts: 5MI6 Agent
    2 times. This bondmovie have some cool action but it dont have any bondatmosphere in it. Feels just as a ordinary actionmovie. I dident liked this movie so much i have to say.
  • gussguss South Wales, UKPosts: 195MI6 Agent
    I watch "CASINO ROYALE" every day at 5 o'clock with a Vodka Martini !!!!!!!!!
  • stjimmy456stjimmy456 Manchester, EnglandPosts: 75MI6 Agent
    Once at the cinema, and once or twce on Sky Movies. :p
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