CR bahamas casino shirt color

I was watching Casino royale with the crew commentary on and lindy hemming said that Bond's shirt was "navy blue" but i always thought it was black,even the swatch looks black.


  • cpoulos62cpoulos62 Station UPosts: 451MI6 Agent
    Me 2 ..... I know the bahamas arrival after Miami is a Navy Blue sunspel.
  • TheGrimFandangoTheGrimFandango California, USAPosts: 58MI6 Agent
    Is this the Alfani shirt we're talking about?
  • The Bond ExperienceThe Bond Experience Newtown, PAPosts: 5,490Quartermasters
    Lots of debate over this one at the time...and many of us heard the commentary but doesn't jive with earlier communications...or swatches...
  • walther p99walther p99 NJPosts: 3,416MI6 Agent
    Is this the Alfani shirt we're talking about?
  • 000-7000-7 EnglandPosts: 78MI6 Agent
    Having listened again to the commentary it is described as 'heavy navy blue' which actually describes it very well; as in very dark navy blue - which looking at a costume card in natural daylight, it is. Otherwise it appears black. The best chance to view the 'real' colour is at the start of the bedroom scene...
    PS: Tried taking an image of the card, but it looks black on monitor?! :#
    These days it takes three kills...!
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