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    I (grudgingly) rather like Charles Gray as Blofeld too. For better or worse he's one of the more memorable and character driven portrayals of Blofeld in the films. To my mind he's more memorable and has more to do than the rather sedentary, though of course highly iconic, Donald Pleasence Blofeld in YOLT. Gray is a joy to watch as the rather snobbish English upper-class gentleman Blofeld. Blofeld should really appear foreign to Britain I feel, as he was originally written in Fleming's novels. He's certainly a real character, it's just a pity it's the wrong type of character for Blofeld. It might've been better if they'd created a new character for him to play altogether. He's neither the literary Blofeld (only Savalas in OHMSS comes close to that in my view) nor the type of Blofeld we've seen in the Bond films prior to this. I think the presence of Mr Wint and Mr Kidd really helps the level of villainy in DAF. It could be justifiably said that they really make the film.
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    DaF is a terrible film, let alone Bond film. It completely disservices the previous film, which the PTS is a continuation of, there is very little to no tension in the film, with Bond walking through each situation with ease, Charles Gray's Blofeld is far too camp, the climax is abysmally anti-climactic, and Tiffany Case's strong character in the first half turns into a bumbling into by the second half for no other reason than laughs. Even Connery's presence can't save this stinker. I could go on about how poor the film is. That said, I do like Kidd and Wint as quirky henchmen, the fight in the elevator is engaging, and there are a few good one liners scattered throughout, like all of Mankiewicz's scripts. Still, DaF is easily the worst film in the series.

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