Quantum of solace Cocktail set for sale

gibbo007gibbo007 United KingdomPosts: 2MI6 Agent
Hi all. I have one of the PROMO Quantum of solace cocktail sets for sale. Apparantly they were only limited edition however i am not sure of how true that is, did not get any certificate with mine. I am a cinema manager and i got sent it from one of the distributors when the film was released!

Please PM me with any serious offers. It is in prestine condition all complete and can post worldwide.

Many Thanks




  • HardyboyHardyboy Posts: 5,756Chief of Staff
    Just moving this to the proper forum. . .
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  • MrZarebaMrZareba Krakow, PolandPosts: 1,759MI6 Agent
    Limited Edition, well, I'm quite sure it's not: http://store.jamesbond007store.com/b22gs06q.html
  • Sir MilesSir Miles The Wrong Side Of The WardrobePosts: 25,206Chief of Staff
    I remember in the very early days of QoS that these sets commanded a figure of well over £100 on ebay.....some went for over £200....I very nearly bought one for £140....glad I decided not too....still haven't bought one...
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  • Leijo007Leijo007 Posts: 106MI6 Agent
    I bought three of them back then, one for me and two for a friend. How much did I pay? About 35 euros each. :D
  • MrZarebaMrZareba Krakow, PolandPosts: 1,759MI6 Agent
    SPAM on ajb007.co.uk? You know there are tons of 00 agents here? You wanna die?
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