Best looking/handsome/attractive Bond 1-6



  • DutchJamesBondFanDutchJamesBondFan the NetherlandsPosts: 398MI6 Agent
    1. Brosnan, although he does look like a 90s dad sometimes.
    2. Connery, really classic face.
    3. Dalton
    4. Craig, looks really good in CR, QoS en SP, but quite bad in SF even if it was the intention in SF.
    5. Moore
    6. Lazenby, that man has a crooked nose and no one can deny that ;)
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  • VesperMelogranoVesperMelograno The SouthPosts: 901MI6 Agent
    I think Lazenby is so good looking because of his nose!
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  • heartbroken_mr_draxheartbroken_mr_drax New Zealand Posts: 2,029MI6 Agent
    90s dad sometimes

    Or a 90s model dad lol
    1. TWINE 2. FYEO 3. MR 4. TLD 5. TSWLM 6. OHMSS 7. DN 8. OP 9. AVTAK 10. TMWTGG 11. QoS 12. GE 13. CR 14. TB 15. FRWL 16. LTK 17. GF 18. SF 19. LaLD 20. YOLT 21. TND 22. DAD 23. DAF.

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  • VesperMelogranoVesperMelograno The SouthPosts: 901MI6 Agent
    I need to go to the Netherlands if Dads look like that.
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  • Sword Of DamoclesSword Of Damocles Posts: 17MI6 Agent
    I left this to my wife who thinks the most handsome is Pierce Brosnan.
    The most sexy is a 4 way tie between 60s Connery, Lazenby, Brosnan and pre-SF Craig. She clearly isn't a fussy girl
  • Sebis007Sebis007 Posts: 1MI6 Agent
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    Re -editing this post since perhaps my thinking is best left to myself. It was fun sharing at the moment.
  • VesperMelogranoVesperMelograno The SouthPosts: 901MI6 Agent
    Sebis007 wrote:
    GL had very little alpha in him. He wasn’t funny, he didn’t light up a room when he walked in it (enflated  ego), he isn’t mysterious, his fashion style was eh, but I’ll give him credit where it’s due. He showed a very caring, compassionate emotional resonance about him. Makes you want to sympathize with him, which women like in small spades, but men despise. 4/10.
    I am not sure we are looking at the same man :))
    I've always wanted to have Christmas in Turkey
  • PeppermillPeppermill DelftPosts: 2,852MI6 Agent
    Sebis007 wrote:
    So I will focus on what makes these actors attractive based off women’s biological standards.

    Get ready for some very, very, very broad generalizations along the way.....
    1. Ohmss 2. Frwl 3. Op 4. Tswlm 5. Tld 6. Ge 7. Yolt 8. Lald 9. Cr 10. Ltk 11. Dn 12. Gf 13. Qos 14. Mr 15. Tmwtgg 16. Fyeo 17. Twine 18. Sf 19. Tb 20 Tnd 21. Spectre 22 Daf 23. Avtak 24. Dad
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