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"Enjoying Death" Shirt: Update Post 926

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Folks, some time ago the shirt that Bond wears under his LVC jacket when he is "enjoying death" was identified and confirmed. As this shirt is from a few seasons past and the internet has been scoured we began to discuss if a shirt could have a second-run, much like the Billy Reid jacket. The company who made the shirt is Zara who did quite a bit in QoS as well. It looks like production used Zara's shirt and made some changes to it (removing a grey placket etc..) but one of our own members, Lagoona, actually owns the correct shirt (congrats, brother!).

We have been in contact with Zara corporate to re-issue the shirt, but I believe they need some old fashioned SOCIAL MEDIA voices to be heard from the Bond community....so, much like the Billy Reid coat initiative, I would love to see who might be interested in Zara doing another run. Once we have some "voices" on this thread, I will point our contact to this board and thread to illustrate the demand. Will it work? I don't know, but perhaps there are other companies as responsive as Billy Reid...and I have no idea what the price point would be, but let yourself be heard if you would be interested. Below is a pic of Lagoona's RARE shirt!


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