Why I Love Collecting Vinyl (Records)



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    Hmm, now you've got me wanting some of these US Beatles albums! What about the vinyl quality back then - were they as good as the yellow Parlophone LPs? Were they released in mono, generally held to be better?

    Help! was the one US abomination of course - part of it was soundtrack music from the movie, not Beatle songs I understand.

    Magical Mystery Tour is one area where the US got lucky. In the UK, the Beatles didn't like putting singles out on albums because it was felt it forced fans to buy the same song twice. But it's good to have Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and I am the Walrus there, among others. I read somewhere that this album did almost as well in sales in the US as Sgt Pepper, and those sales were through the roof.

    Did MMT get shown on telly in the States? Was it at Christmas and get the same blown raspberry in response?

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