The Gunbarrel MIDI Project

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It's always fascinated me how the gunbarrel music changed through each film, especially how Barry changed opening chords for Lazenby and then for Moore (but not for Dalton). It's not just a different orchestration. I transcribed all of the Barry and Arnold gunbarrels 10 years ago and I recently revisited my Barry transcriptions and perfected them to post here in the form of MIDI files for you all to listen to. I plan on doing most of them except the ones without gunbarrel music like CR and SF. I may attempt to transcribe the Dr. No beeps and the electronic sounds in GoldenEye. But for now, the 11 John Barry gunbarrels.

From Russia with Love:



You Only Live Twice:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service:

Diamonds Are Forever:

The Man with the Golden Gun:



A View to a Kill:

The Living Daylights:

Every computer has different MIDI sounds, so I can't guarantee they will sound as good on your computer as they do on mine. Perhaps they will sound even better for you. That's part of the fun of sharing these MIDI files.
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