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Magnoli Spectre Polo: Navy & Sky Blue!

Indy MagnoliIndy Magnoli Somewhere in the PacificPosts: 407MI6 Agent
These are now in stock and ready to ship: http://www.magnoliclothiers.com/spectre-polo-shirt-t-shirts-p-662.html


We're working on our prototype for a run of navy blue polo shirts based on the TF one. Having handled one of these in person, I can honestly say we won't be able to copy all the details. I don't know if it's worth $900+ but it's definitely got some really unique details that cannot be copied with out GREAT expense.

So, we're going to try and get the main points (v-neck opening, collar size/shape, wide waistband, etc) as well as a few extra details to mimic the unique seam weave, etc of the original. We're going to use a cotton blend to get a little more sheen than our standard 100% cotton.

I'm hoping to have a sample done within two or three weeks. Right now, the price point should be in the range of our other ready-made t-shirts, so around $50 (shipped).

Kind regards,
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