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    There's a new AliExpress NTTD Seamaster homage that is the best looking one I have seen yet:

    It's called the 'Octopus Kraken' (Octopus being the brand and Kraken the model).

    Call me crazy, but I dig it more than the original, which has 8 (!) lines of text on the dial (if you count the Omega symbol and ^ symbol). Love the comparatively clean look, the name with the logo built into the word OCTOPUS that looks like a Bond movie poster logo. It doesn't hurt that the logo is an inverted octopus symbol (the same one on crown and on the second hand), and when inverted, it looks like the gunbarrel logo.

    The usual downside for these homage watches are goofy brand names, ugly logos, etc. IMO this one actually surpasses the original, at least in photos. I actually prefer the solid hands (vs skeletonized) and the coin edge bezel to the beveled one.

    Info for the watch nerds:

    >PT5000 Automatic movement, 28,800 VPH 4hz (Omega's 8800/8801 beats at ~25,200 VPH).

    >Sapphire lens with blue anti-glare coating

    >Lumed ceramic bezel (most homages don't have the lumed bezel).

    >Swiss C3/BGW9 superluminova lume

    >A claimed 300m water resistance (!). That's equal to the Omega...

    >Helium escape valve (assuming functional, assuming the depth rating is true.

    >Signed crown and caseback.

    >316L stainless steel case (vs titanium, making the Heimdallr still the only homage I know of with a titanium case).

    I ordered one yesterday, couldn't resist. Came out to a hair under $300 after shipping. They have a website, but it's about $50 pricier there than AliExpress.

    I've had the Pagani Designs homage since last month sometime. If you guys want, I can do a comparison between the two when the Octopus Kraken comes in. I'm eager to compare the lume, because that's easily the weakest aspect of the Pagani. I'm also eager to evaluate the PT5000 movement, as I've only read good things about the accuracy so far (it's still pretty new). Calibur Corner's test unit incredibly had perfect accuracy in their testing, without losing or gaining a second all day, regardless of orientation: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLqYQ6xHQsB/

    Meaning the movement at least has the potential to be as accurate or moreso than the Omega (though may need to be regulated).

    It'll probably be a few weeks before it arrives.

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