best hair-do of each actor (aka another dreadful ranking)



  • TheWorldIsEnoughTheWorldIsEnough Posts: 296MI6 Agent
    This might be a little too soon for this, but I recently came out with my top ten list of numbers from one to ten. Here we go....

    #10) 10 (it's a classic and deserves to be higher on the list, but its weakness is that it's a two digit number, all the rest are single digits)

    #9) 9 (It's a little top heavy, looks like it could fall over at any minute)

    #8) 6 (Pros: goes well with 9, Cons: has a bad reputation due to its demonic connection)

    #7) 4 (slanty or straight? we can't decide either)

    #6) 2 (not good enough to be #1, also has a strange association with pooping)

    #5) 5 (meh)

    #4) 3 (3 Stooges, 3 Musketeers, 3 Amigos, you get the idea)

    #3) 1 (Totally shocked about this, what an upset!!)

    #2) 7 (the number of luck, perfection and Bond)

    #1) 8 (upright, it's a perfect hourglass figure, lay it on its side and it becomes boobs. Boobs win.)
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    1. Connery- DR NO - A classic, classic hairstyle. Considerably longer on the sides and greased back. Nice tapered nape as well. I wonder if he used pomade, grease akin to Brylcreem, or something along the lines of Groom and Clean?

    2. Lazenby had a great haircut, similar in style to Sean's YOLT look. His nape wasn't tapered or squared, but looked to be trimmed in a V shape.

    3. Moore- LALD. Another classic clean haircut. The only time Roger sported a taper in his Bonds. I must admit my second choice would be his later SAINT style pompadour as seen in FYEO, OP and AVTAK. Biggest difference was his Saint cut was also tapered at the nape early on and his product had shine. In the Bonds his neck is blocked and the hair looks sprayed in place.

    4. Dalton- TLD - Similar in length to Roger's later films - full on the sides and back and appeared to be blow dried and sprayed. I do think his hair is longer on top than in LTK and the sideburns are shorter. It also looks cleaner.

    5. Brosnan- I'll go with DAD. A reasonably classic Bond length, though his longer hair in GE and TND looked great as well. Personally I think Pierce had great hair in all his Bonds, opting for a squared nape as opposed to a taper.

    6. Craig- SP. I pick this one just above QoS because I prefer the tapered nape. Actually, I think his hair looks the most Bondian when he's not playing the role, in films like Archangel and Layer Cake.
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