New John Barry Box Set

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Out last week, my copy arrived today. This is a budget 3CD set, in a series aimed at heading off those who exploit the public domain laws. It's less than a fiver on Amazon and eBay, and can be seen as a trimmed-down version of the much more expensive "Themependium" box*.
It's got a good helping of Bond music (eg FRWL, GF, TB, YOLT, OHMSS, DAF, the Bond Theme, 007, "All Time High" and others), Barry's Oscar-winners ("Born Free", "The Lion In Winter", "Out Of Africa", Dances With Wolves"), a few rarities and plenty more. Be aware that most of these are not the soundtrack versions, but were re-recorded by JB for various albums- but it's still the real John Barry, as the title says, and uses many of the same musicians (Derek Watkins, Alan Haven, etc).
As I said, it's a budget set and the notes are non-existent but the SQ is good and at this price it's a steal for anyone who doesn't have a large Barry collection and would like to hear more.
One quibble: I wouldn't have picked the version of the "James Bond Theme" used here- it's the "Moviola" take, arguably the weakest version done by Barry himself.

* Unlike "Themependium" it doesn't include vocals from Shirley Bassey etc, these are all orchestral versions- whether you prefer that or not is down to taste.


  • ChriscoopChriscoop Belize Posts: 10,435MI6 Agent
    Nice, thanks for sharing Mr Barbel sir {[]
    It was either that.....or the priesthood
    Thanks Barbel -{

    Not bad for the price, surprised 'The Persuaders' theme and some of his earlier music is not on there.

    I have 'Themependium', might splash out on a fiver for this one.
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  • ChriscoopChriscoop Belize Posts: 10,435MI6 Agent
    I enjoyed a wonderful drive to and from work yesterday, listening to this, great ohmss version, it filled in some gaps in my Barry catalogue and reminded of work of his I'd forgotten he did like zulu completely forgot that one and I always associate the midnight cowboy theme with Ennio Morricone for some reason, Morricone must have done something in a similar style.
    It was either that.....or the priesthood
  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 31,064Chief of Staff
    Agreed {[] , it's a good car listen! (That's what I've been doing too)
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    Thanks for sharing. I will be buying this for sure. -{
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