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    Norway looks stunning and would make for a lovely location and one thats very different with great backdrops.
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    I'm trying to remember last time the Bond movies had a really memorable set. You know: the vulcano lair in YOLT, Fort Knox in GF, the submarine base inside the oil tanker in TSWLM etc.
    There was the base under the dish in GE and the interior of the stealth ship in TND and a few others, but they weren't really grand or memorable. The meteorite room in SPECTRE was mostly darkness.
    I believe the Bond franchise has to continue what has defined it and what sets it apart to compete with and do better than Mission Impossible and other action franchises. Making the Scooby Gang into an alternative MI-team or breaking Daniel Craig's bones in wild stunts won't work. Having a set worthy of Ken Adam that has the audience buzzing about it (among other things, of course) when they leave the cinema would be a good way to set Bond apart from the herd.
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    Europe's first underwater resturant opens tonight in Lindesnes, Norway.



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    As confirmed by Asp9mm on 6th March -{
    YNWA 97
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    It's been a while since I posted photos from Norway and suggested them as Bond locations, and since tradiotions are importent I think it's time. (Sorry, I didn't see the thread is in the NTTD sub-forum.)

    This is Måbødalen:

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