Last Bond movie you watched.



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    I always think of this as a sequel to TSWLM. I love em both ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    Definitely great fun. I see MR as another take on the same formula that TSWLM inherited from YOLT, rather than as a sequel, as such; TSWLM and MR do sit next to each other as a closely related pair.

    @Napoleon Plural Some say it's not actually a dummy but Moore himself in that pose in the pre-credits, perhaps plausible as it might have been hard to get a true waxwork likeness.

    I think Moore is playing the mannequin in the PTS of TMWTGG. The Al Capone mannequin is definitely played by an actor - he blinks! - so it's reasonable to assume that Moore plays his own mannequin too. Moore's face has been given an application of waxy make-up (perhaps recalling Connery as the dummy Bond in the PTS of FRWL), but the facial detail looks 'real person', not fake. As Moore tries to hold his pose he can be seen wobbling slightly in the long shot during the dialogue between Scaramanga and Nick Nack. ("I'll get you yet! And I'll enjoy everything you leave me!") But of course, the shot-to-bits fingers are fake!

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    I watched NTTD last night on DVD, my third visit. My thoughts are in the NTTD thread.

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    GOLDFINGER. Often quoted as the best Bond of all, and it’s difficult to deny that assessment, although OHMSS is my favourite, this third entry in the series has Sean effortlessly portraying the spy we have all come to love. There are so many classic scenes: The PTS, the titles, Miami sequence, M’s office and the dinner briefing, the golf match, the laser scene etc etc etc., it all blends into one luxurious mixture of sixties fun and excitement. The casting is superb, as all the early Bonds were, it’s impossible to think of anyone who could better Frobe and Sakata, and although Blackman and Eaton could be replaced, I’m not sure they could have been bettered. The Leiter casting was the only poor decision, he was patently too old for the role. Guy Hamilton directs with a smooth, light touch, and Barry’s score is magnificent and Shirley belts out the classic song.

    I can still remember seeing this as an eight year old, in a pitch black cinema, through a haze of cigarette smoke, and being captivated by the sheer magnificence of it all. Those first 6 movies of the 60’s are something very special, and the spectacle and excitement of it all can never be replicated, but you had to have lived through it to understand the majesty of it all, it’s difficult for those who were not born at that time to understand, but it’s certainly one saving grace of being old now.

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