Bond on Set book for Bond25?

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Any word if Greg Williams will return to shoot making of photographs for a "Bond on set" Bond 25 book?

I was dissapointed that he didn't do a Spectre book, after the CR, QoS and Skyfall books were so fantastic (I never saw his die another day book).


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    No word yet from what I understand. I do hope that a book of behind the scenes photographs is planned thought. I have CR, QoS and Skyfall books in my collection at home. Also I have Rankin's book Blood, Sweat and Bond: Filming Spectre, which is very much in the same spirt as the other books and has some fantastic photographs.
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    I have all of the Williams books from the Craig era... actually was not aware of the DAD copy.. There is a seller on eBay now with the DAD hardcopy and has a handful for sale at only $5.99 with free shipping - just a heads up.. Nabbed one of them immediately.
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    Don't forget the Blood sweat and Bond book that covered Spectre, it sits nicely along the Williams publications, can be had for a good price these days too.
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    I do hope so. I wish they'd pick a format size, too, and stick with it! Skyfall and Spectre seem to line up, but the other volumes are all over the place!
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