Omega MOVIE watch, No Time to Die



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    Paperbill, or anybodyin the states and uk would you be able to help me get the v1 strap from your dealer ? im in indonesia and the dealers only have access to the v2 strap. i have a cousin in washington0 and london if ur able to help in the strap hehe hope to hear from you soon

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    It’s a total guess but I don’t think any dealer will sell the V1 strap even if they had any: I would imagine it could potentially leave them liable to pay for repairs to any damage to a watch caused by falling off the wrist due to the faulty strap.

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    You guys aren't selling me on this watch.

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    What do you mean? Only a few of them turn up faulty and the straps break and the customer service is appalling and they might lose your watch in the mail and offer you an inferior alternative. Otherwise they’re great! 😄

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    Bad experiences will be the loudest and most passed around. They're not excusable, of course, but the perceived ratio of good to bad experiences is a little off due to the noise level; we don't tend to run in here and talk about experiences that go off without incident. (I myself am guilty of this with a recent N Peal ordeal.)

    For balance, I am at least seven experiences in with my local Omega boutique, and every one of them has been fantastic. My '57 anniversary 300 recently had an issue, was out of warranty, and they nevertheless serviced it as under warranty, communicating each step and turning it around in a timely fashion.

    My NTTD bracelet hasn't broken yet, but I'll keep you all posted...

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