Bond and Scotland...

I'm visiting Scotland in the near future and I'm hoping to visit the well known Skyfall location at Glen Etive. I read some time ago that due to a large number of people doing the same, the area was suffering, has anyone been recently? Any tips for other locations would be appreciated :)


  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 31,085Chief of Staff
    I was there not long ago. There was more traffic than might be expected for such a road, but I saw no signs the area was suffering.
    I'd also suggest Faslane (TSWLM) but you won't be able to get very close (guards, fences).
  • Thunderbird 2Thunderbird 2 East of Cardiff, Wales.Posts: 2,710MI6 Agent
    Althought the Road through Glencoe IS seen in the film. As is the Glen Etive road. Skyfall,
    (or Skyblewupinafireballfall as I prefer to refer to it) was actually in Hinkly Common, but that is MOD territory.

    Straight off the the Bat... Eilen Donan Castle on the road to Skye.
    The castle doubled for Castle Thaine's exteriors in TWINE.

    Unfortunately that is the only two that to spring to mind. - A trip up the A9 is worth a look, but don't get trapped in Pitlochry!
    This is Thunderbird 2, how can I be of assistance?
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