Licence to Kill's Missing Music- Thoughts?

Here's a Bond mystery...the rarity value (or rather, complete scarcity) of Michael Kamen's LTK soundtrack in physical form. While the score can admittedly be easily found on Spotify, print CD copies seem much harder to come by on Amazon, etc. The soundtrack was apparently never issued on CD in 2003 like most of the older Bond films. We haven't seen a limited edition release either, similar to what La-La-Land Records did with TWINE and DAD a few years ago. My question is, does anyone know how this came about? Are there rights/legal issues stopping Eon from re-releasing LTK's soundtrack in any form? Does anyone else know anything about this mysterious situation regarding LTK's music?


  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 31,301Chief of Staff
    Yes, there are rights issues with the LTK OST and that's why it wasn't reissued or remastered in 2003. I'm pretty sure it's been discussed in more detail somewhere in the Music Forum before- try a search?
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