£10,000 Cash Reward Offered For The Recovery Of Stolen James Bond Guns



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    Given that Bond is one of the most enduring and iconic characters in film history, and the interest generated by for example the Bond cars on Top Gear, I'm still surprised by how low-key the theft has been treated.

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    It did get a fair bit of coverage at the time, but as John has said, interest has faded a bit now in the media because they like a fresh story. I don't know how you spark it again, really. It must be a horrible situation.

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    I am saddened to hear about this.

    I have an idea which might perhaps be of some help. Could you contact the prison service and ask that they post the details of the crime, what was stolen and (most importantly) the reward? If this was able to be done and 'advertised' through the prison population, there is a chance that some one might know where the guns are - or what happened to them?

    Your word that no questions would be asked for their return might get a result?

    I don't know if the prison service could help in this way but it will cost nothing to find out.

    I have just looked online and see there is a newspaper for Prisoners in the UK. Perhaps you could consider contacting them to get the story in to the newspaper? It gets to 85,000 prisoners! You could even put an advertisement in this newspaper?


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    All of this is frustrating, especially, Donk, since you and Dodgy and others are so very kind and helpful to everyone at AJB. I will "take out" with a double-tap anyone I find involved in this heinous crime.

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