£10,000 Cash Reward Offered For The Recovery Of Stolen James Bond Guns



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    From memory I think they said they had a lead which suggests it's there, but I don't think it's been recovered as far as I know.

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    And with that said could we please keep to the actual topic of this thread…thanks.

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    Just posted on Facebook at a time for MIRACLES!



    Here's a difficult one as the gentleman in question is not a fan of social media (neither am I with the lack of response to my appeal for someone to help in my time of need) however does anyone out in Facebook Land know how to contact actor Daniel Craig?

    I'm hoping that as he is technically no longer a part of EON Productions Ltd (who were unable to support my proposition which was "Daniel Craig and EON Productions Ltd would like to offer a reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen James Bond guns!") that he may consider being the name fronting a media campaign to recover decommissioned and therefore non-weapons James Bond guns stolen in a home invasion at the start of the pandemic on 23rd March 2020 which were awaiting an insertion date for permanent exhibition at the Royal Armouries in Leeds because they "should have been in a museum" and with support to the media campaign by someone from the Bond family hopefully the media story can be reignited because regrettably said story and therefore the campaign and the hope of their recovery is dead without that support?

    To date I have only contacted those who had direct contact with these weapons on screen or by family association therefore appeals have been posted on Facebook requesting contact and therefore the support of Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Timothy Dalton, Deborah Moore and George Lazenby. To date only Mr Lazenby's agent has replied stating "George had no interest in my offer!" Personal direct contact was also made with Producer Michael G. Wilson. I have not requested nor expected a single penny of financial support from those contacted regarding the "reward!" Only The Royal Armouries when I suggested they may wish to offer a reward for the recovery of the guns? who would be getting the collection gratis anyway declined my proposition because they were funded by Local Government! EON's support, financial or otherwise? would have resulted in them being able to keep the guns for the Archive upon recovery. My only desire in both cases was for these important pieces of movie heritage to no longer be lost as they currently are so this appeal is not a collector trying to get his personal property back!

    I of course understand "personalities" lack of enthusiasm to stick their hand up on this one in the current climate because weapons are regarded as not PC especially in the light of the unfortunate incident with actor Alec Baldwin in the US, however that was a live firearm with live ammunition which had no business being on or near a movie set in any country! These are decommissioned and are therefore classified as safe or non-weapons, effectively paperweights!

    Mr Craig would receive my gratitude, the gratitude of the Royal Armouries in Leeds with a dedicated permanent plaque stating "The weapons recovery and this exhibit would not have been possible without the generous support of Mr Daniel Craig" plus one would imagine the gratitude of The British Film Industry and EON Productions Ltd for assisting in the recovery of their film heritage which ultimately are what the decommissioned screen non-weapons actually are!

    A Christmas miracle is needed here folks because I'm running out of ideas, not to mention actors who have portrayed James Bond!

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    I'm very sorry to read what's happened to you and how you've been treated, Donk. You've spent time and money getting and preserving those valuable guns, in terms of money and especially culturally. I wish you the best.

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    Have you tried any of the stunt or special effects people? They'll have worked with weapons over the years and some of them are pretty well-known.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. After the Police and EON (seriously), these were the first guys I contacted in case they heard of the guns being offloaded? And indeed am still in contact with because it has now been a few years being on the outside looking in. If if wasn’t for these on the whole unnamed geniuses the Famous Gun project would not have got any further than the planning stage. They know who they are and they will always have my gratitude for their support 👍

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    @ppw3o6r : Fingers crossed for you my friend.

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    Donk, I feel for ya! I think the suggestions about sympathetic press who are Bond fans is your only course of action.

    Eon is a business, they aren't our friends, so it seems a little unrealistic for folks to suggest or imply they "owe" you this support as a fan. And no public-facing entity, private or corporate, is going to lift a finger to help wave a "get this man his prop guns back" sign in the press. Just being realistic here.

    And no offense to Lazenby, but had you gotten him on board, I suspect it would not have moved the needle on press.

    Clark Collis at EW and Mark O'Connell (who has an in with Yahoo news) are your best bets here. And online press seems to like anniversaries, so consider pitching it to them as 007 60th anniversary coverage.

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    Don’t mince your words Paul 🤣

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