New JB Podcast, No Time To Die - out September 30th.

JTullock23JTullock23 ArizonaPosts: 284MI6 Agent
What does everyone think about this new, six-part podcast? I, for one, cannot wait to listen!
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  • Bond44Bond44 Vauxhall CrossPosts: 1,557MI6 Agent
    Sounds interesting, keeping an open mind for now. I am starting to feel with all the new trailer footage, additional stills in various publications plus pod casts we will only have the connecting shots left to watch in the actual movie - when it finally hits the screens, whenever that is :))

    Cheers :007)
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  • James SuzukiJames Suzuki New ZealandPosts: 2,383MI6 Agent
    I like the idea a lot. Good to hear that they're taking Elliot Carver's advice about "talk show's, magazines, movies" etc.
    Also confirms that eon is dead set on that November release
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