Download my Nothing is Forever (No Time To Die reimagined) script here in the future

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Now NTTD has been delayed to April September next year I am going full steam ahead writing my own version, creating a script that takes the scenes we have seen in the official publicity and unofficial sources like Twitter and weaving them into my own story.

It's going to be interesting, for me anyway, to see how my script differs to the Purvis & Wade, Scott Burns, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fukunaga movie.

I'll drop updates here about my progress. Maybe post some shots of pages of scenes.

I have already written out part of the pre-titles credit sequence and I hit 15K in Norway so I think I have got the pacing right so far. I won't put spoilers here but for those who know, you'll know what Norway and 15K means.

Please don't put spoiler info in this thread. Thanks.

And thanks everyone for your positive comments about my scripts, Quantum of Solace (2020) Expanded and Operation Vengeance(Bond25).


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    I'm looking forward to it.
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    Number24 wrote:
    I'm looking forward to it.

    Thanks Number24!!
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    A quick sneak peek at the WIP script for what will eventually be called 'Nothing is Forever (No Time To Die reimagined)'.

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    Sounds Great!
    “The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning. "
    -Casino Royale, Ian Fleming
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    I have progressed well with 'Nothing is Forever (No Time To Die reimagined)'. I am past the half way point and well into the second act. I was happy to hit scene 108H during the Cuban sequence.

    I'd post a picture of a page of the script but that doesn't seem possible right now.
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    Here is another teaser of the WIP script for 'Nothing is Forever (No Time To Die reimagined)'.

    Obruchev is escaping with Bond and Paloma and he is asked about the silver briefcase.


    I'm now at scene 156 and pausing the writing while I go back to the treatment and further develop the story. What could Bond and Madeleine's relationship be at this moment in time? Will it stymie the mission?
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    Every Bond film needs a bit of humour and so my NTTD script, Nothing is Forever, which has allusions to YOLT anyway, uses something of that for some fun.


    I haven't got further than scene 163 since posting last, but the wider story is more properly fleshed out now and I'm getting into the real meat of the Bond, Madeleine relationship.

    Questions remaining incl:
    [*]How to fully introduce themes from previous Craig films, love and betrayal, trust, mortality and family[/*]
    [*]How to explore the duality of Bond, where does Bond end and 007 begin?[/*]
    [*]Should Bond be denied all agency, making him truly the first Bond-Bond-girl as alluded to in Casino?[/*]
    [*]In the age of Trump and Brexit, what elements of irresponsible government can be incorporated to reflect the time we live in?[/*]
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    Has Bond finally met his match?

    Bond meets Madeleine's mother.

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    I see a steady increase of about a dozen or so views every day for this post - hopefully not EON's legal team.

    I'll have more to say in the next couple of months about the Nothing is Forever script's progress.

    For the record, I will say here that that 'leaked' Jinx script looks fake to me.
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    Steady progress with the script. I hope to have a completed first draft this month. In the meantime I hope this page is of interest.

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    The first draft has been completed and has gone through some editing.

    I'm working on refining the story. I've created a scene summary which helps give a better overview of the whole script and story. Good to spot errors. I can say there's no big plot holes and it's a case of refining scenes to improve the story and character arcs.

    I've finally worked out how to post images to Instagram. My Instagram account is so.meone8577. I might post some pages there. I've test posted a couple of pages from my Quantum of Solace (2020) Expanded script there.

    For now, here is the title page for Nothing is Forever (No Time To Die Re-Imagined) 2021.

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    Will we get this before No Time To Die, or will it be subject to a lockdown ?

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    It will be locked down until the week of NTTD's release. Only 4 months to go.

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    Hello all.

    Unfortunately, due to events beyond my control (I'm not making this up) I will now be posting my 'Nothing is Forever (No Time to Die reimagined)' script on 10 October, Pacific time.

    But it will definitely be published somewhere on the web then. It was to go 'live' on 30 September, but it's not possible now.

    Sorry folks.


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