Gadget Meisters Prop Collection



  • mi6ppkmi6ppk Posts: 53MI6 Agent

    Most items will be sold under the eBay username of markfi007

    items on eBay right now

  • mi6ppkmi6ppk Posts: 53MI6 Agent

    Thanks to everyone who has purchased items from Andy’s collection so far. More stuff added on a weekly basis. Some rare 007 magazines on at the moment. We are trying to go through the boxes starting from 1

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    I don't I've seen new listings for a month or so. Is the collection sold in full?

    Thank you.

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  • loader10569loader10569 Posts: 3MI6 Agent

    I thought I had a few bits of Bond stuff, but this collection is awesome!!!! Trying to find something I have that I didn't see in those pics and struggling!!!

  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    Hi - will ALL of the collection be going on eBay or will any be sold by other means?

    Many thanks


  • mi6ppkmi6ppk Posts: 53MI6 Agent

    Hi All

    I normally post on eBay weekly most of the collection will be on here except the replica guns / weapons etc.

    some nice items on eBay right now. Feel free to ask any questions via the listings. Will probably take me a year to list everything so keep looking


  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    Thanks - how will the replica guns be sold? I’m really interested in the piton gun


  • mi6ppkmi6ppk Posts: 53MI6 Agent

    All the replica guns/ weapons etc will at some point go to auction as there has been to much interest and high offers from people especially the Piton Gun.

  • B549WUUB549WUU Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    Thank you. Will start saving!!

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