FS: Magnoli Quantum Cardigan

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Hi everyone,

I've decided to sell my Magnoli Quantum Cardigan.
I haven't had the chance to wear it, it's been sitting in my wardrobe since the day it arrived.
It has never been worn so it's basically new.
I'm offering it up here to anyone interested. If nobody shows interest, I'll put it on sale on Ebay in a couple of weeks.

The cardigan was made to measure by Magnoli (no standard sizing).
Approx measurements with the cardigan lying flat:

Chest width: 50cm
Shoulders width: 46cm
Stomach/bottom width: 40cm
Armhole: 9cm
Sleeve length: 59cm
Back length: 60cm

The cardigan currently run at $350 on Magnoli website.
I'm selling mine for $250 plus shipping.

For EU residents is more convenient I guess, 'cuz they'll save on import charges (Magnoli ships free of charge for customised items but it ships from NZ).
For USA residents is a bit less convenient than for EU 'cuz they'll have to pay import charges from Europe, but it's still $100 less so.....

PM if interested
Thank you in advance



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