Barbour Graham Jacket-Will they reissue?



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    Thank you!

    You’ve had more luck than me getting info. I emailed them again and they stonewalled. This is really helpful because I was starting to think about pulling the trigger on an alternative I’d seen but I’ll hold fire now.

    Great work!

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    That’s the one. You could buy it a couple of months ago but came down after a few days.

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    If anyone is interested in the  "Barbour x Engineered Garments Graham "Washed" Jacket" - I have one in "Medium"

    The name's Bond_James_Bond
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    Upon checkout it mentions Bond:

    B.Li Bond Convert Sn11 Navy NY71 Medium

    Product Code: 608595/18/390

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  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 9,907MI6 Agent

    Received a Medium from Flannels.

    Def smaller body then my SA original Medium Graham and sleeves a tad longer. Too small for me anyhow - come to the conclusion a tailored original Large is my best bet since I still have that.

    Surprised to see it has the Engineered Garments New York label (same as original). I had assumed it was under a diff Barbour label.

    Buttons and pocket zipper pulls appear identical. However main zip and puller is less chunky

    The stud on collar missing as previously mentioned - its there but not pressed thru the second layer of material for some strange reason. No sure how easy that could be fixed to make it more SA. Also on the reissue there are a few extra hidden collar poppers.

    Colour wise I would say a tad deeper Navy but my original medium has been washed in a attempt to get paint marks out

    uploaded some comparisons - cant take measurements as away from home with no tape handy!!

    I think apart from the collar stud you would not notice the differences unless had both in hand like me

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Thanks for that.

    I may wait for Barbour to sell it themselves, as it may come in a touch cheaper.

    looks like the wait will over soon.

  • biesnacksbiesnacks Posts: 53MI6 Agent

    just snagged one from flannels. Went for a size small as the graham small was way big on me. Hoping for a more fitted fit with this one. looks sweet.

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    Thanks for the pics.

    Can anyone comment on the sizing of the new version? I'm 5'11', 41.5" chest, 31" waist, athletic build. I wear a large in the Barbour beacon but feel like the fit of that coat is kind of odd with sizing. For a more fitted look on this one I'm considering going down to a medium if this one fits big like The Bond Experience review video.

  • 007Downunder007Downunder Hobart, Australia Posts: 312MI6 Agent

    Very helpful. I’m keen for info on sizing noting David Z said original was huge. Is this more true to size?I’m XL in Rogue Territory and Billy Reid and L in N Peal and rag and bone. So was wondering whether to go L or XL thanks

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Don’t know what others think but these are so big you may want a medium.

    Sorry to add to the confusion 🤓

  • 007Downunder007Downunder Hobart, Australia Posts: 312MI6 Agent
  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 9,907MI6 Agent

    As mentioned these run big however I think the reissue is a tiny bit slimmer as I have had both original and reissue in hand

    Im a 43 chest and the reissue medium is too slim for me however I expect the Large to be too big (same scenario as the Large SA I have, therefore I think a tailored Large is my best bet)

    These will be everywhere soon so I would advise to buy from somewhere with free returns and experiment

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    These are the main differences between the screen accurate and the reissue... (I have both in hand)

    Barbour Graham has bigger collar / reissue has smaller collar /

    Barbour Graham has visible snaps (2) on outside of collar / reissue does not /

    Barbour Graham is a blue navy color (lighter) / reissue is more of a charcoal gray / navy color (darker)

    The Reissue is slightly slimmer in the body than the Graham but not by much.

    The Reissue has slightly longer arms than the Graham but not by much.

    And one thing that welshboy caught that I didn't...zipper size is a little different.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Is it meant to be waterproof?

    cheers for the details.

  • k5211k5211 UKPosts: 108MI6 Agent
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    Received mine today . I am 6ft, 46 inch chest, fairly well built and the Large fits me perfectly, arms a little long, but TBH not a biggy. The "face flap" is a little redundant, but I took it off in 2 minutes. Lovely jacket, nice and light, looks showerproof, certainly windproof. A win.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Hi everyone.

    Well I cracked and got one . Was worried at first that a small would be too small but it’s fits really well.

    Definitely slimmer fitted than the graham. For me personally I would not entertain tailoring this.

    Another difference is the internal cuffs which I’ve put a picture of. Sorry for the rubbishy pictures.

    Just to widen the discussion I feel this hasn’t had much love compared to RGT. The RGT is fab but I just know I’m going to wear the s@#£ out of this jacket. It’s very suited to UK weather.

    If you are on the fence get one!

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,215MI6 Agent

    I also cracked and bought one after not being particularly inspired the first time I saw it. It has grown on me since and lighter jackets like this are very useful, I find. I purchased a small and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it fits well. I haven't received it yet so I am on tenterhooks, but keeping my fingers crossed. If it fits properly, I suspect I will get a lot of use out of it.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    I know we all like the details.

    I should have said the side pockets don’t have zips in this version . (I think I’m right🤪😳)

    Kind of like the zips but I can live without them.

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    What are your height and chest measurements? Thanks!

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Hi I’m 5ft 8 and a 38 chest. Hope that helps.

  • 405405 Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    Thanks! It does help.

  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 399MI6 Agent

    How do you find the sleeves compared to the Graham?

    Yes. Considerably!

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Surprisingly (compared to what others are saying) I find them a lot shorter. Maybe my physique fits but the whole jacketed feels a lot more fitted than the graham.

    To the point that I think I might have gotten away with a medium which I wouldn’t have contemplated with the graham.

  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 399MI6 Agent

    Interesting. I found the Graham sleeves to be way too long so this has my curiosity. Is it still a waxed jacket?

    Yes. Considerably!

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    Available at Nordstrom Rack for 220 USD with free shipping and free returns in the USA. Fantastic deal, especially if you're stateside and not sure about sizing.

  • 405405 Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    Great find, thanks for sharing. Just ordered 2 sizes.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    On the waxed jacket front I would say no.

    You certainly wouldn’t need to rewax. It’s a raincoat type material if that helps.

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