Barbour Graham Jacket-Will they reissue?



  • AnotherJBpodAnotherJBpod Posts: 8MI6 Agent

    So has anyone picked up a medium yet? Typically a medium with 40” chest my weight fluctuates a little here and there. 42 chest now. My Skyfall jacket was a large that cost a small fortune to have sized down. That said my RGT medium was way too small and will be coming up for sale.

    really want to get this right the first time

  • 405405 Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    I should have an answer for you soon hopefully. I'm similar dimensions and ordered 2 different sizes. Once they come in I will update the thread.

  • AnotherJBpodAnotherJBpod Posts: 8MI6 Agent

    Oh wow! Thanks! I may just order the two as well

  • AnotherJBpodAnotherJBpod Posts: 8MI6 Agent

    does Anyone have experience with the skyfall Barbour as a comparison? I had a large had it sized down as I was swimming in it. This makes me wonder if a medium is a better fit

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    Medium in a Skyfall.

    Small in a Covert.

    i think a medium would be better . This version fits snugly on me, the graham small was huge in comparison.

  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,163MI6 Agent

    I'm a 42 chest / 34 waist 6ft 1.

    L in Barbour Skyfall / BR / Rgt.

    Had a washed Graham in S but now the Covert in M. It's a perfect fit. No tailoring required for the SA fit

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  • hcantrellhcantrell CharlottePosts: 158MI6 Agent

    I ordered a S from the Nordstrom Rack sale. After reading about the sizing difference between Covert reissue and the original Graham, I'm glad I can return for free should it not fit right. I've got the same dimensions as David Z, 40 chest and 31W pants. I usually take mediums in jackets so I hope the reissue isn't too slim. There weren't any M's available so hopefully the S works or I can trade with someone.

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  • llvhhuillvhhui Posts: 44MI6 Agent
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    I just grabbed a medium. Wanted to grab a small too just to try both sizes but it was sold out. If my medium turns out too big when it arrives, we can potentially do a trade.

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,215MI6 Agent

    I have just received my small from Flannels. I'm also a 40 chest and 31 waist. The small fits me perfectly with just a single layer underneath, I don't think I could wear a pullover or anything else with it, however. I'm very happy with the sizing and the jacket itself.

  • biesnacksbiesnacks Posts: 53MI6 Agent

    do you find that the buttons and such on the covert are super jingly and loud? I just got one in from flannels and it seems to be a loud jacket lol

  • trigger_fingertrigger_finger Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    I have an extra brand new with tags covert reissue in size Small if anyone wants it. Only asking what I paid for it + shipping.

  • km1fdmkm1fdm USAPosts: 139MI6 Agent

    Anyone had theirs tailored down a bit? I ordered my usual Barbour size, Large, and it is a bit boxy. I don’t see how you’d slim it without losing the back pocket though.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 105MI6 Agent

    It seems to have sold out again.

  • 405405 Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    I received my Covert's from the Nordstrom Rack sale today. I ordered a medium and a small.

    I am 5'11", 170lbs, athletic build, 41.5ish chest, broad shoulders with a 31" waist.

    The medium wins for me, I would say it is a SA fit. Only complaint is the arms are a little long, but a half inch cuffing of the sleeves was an easy fix.

    I could have almost pulled off the small, but zipped 3/4 of the way up there was some pulling in the chest area, unzipped it looked fine. I would say if you are a 40" chest or below the small may be the better fit. I felt more comfortable in the medium vs the small.

    For reference I wear L in RGT supply jacket, L in Barbour Beacon, L in Royale Y3, L in the OB-T.

  • norbac1norbac1 Posts: 77MI6 Agent

    Definitely size down, I wear XL and almost everything and the XL on the Covert is too big.......I will go for the Large now

  • llvhhuillvhhui Posts: 44MI6 Agent

    What are you going to do with the small then?

  • hcantrellhcantrell CharlottePosts: 158MI6 Agent

    Received my Small Covert from Nordstrom Rack Sale. The Small is definitely the correct size for me. I'm 6' 0'' tall, 185 pounds, 40 chest and 31 waist. The fit is still slightly boxy but wouldn't need to be taken in much, more of a style choice since I like jackets to be trimmer and less boxy. Sleeve's are slightly long but not so much that it's an issue. All in all seems like a great jacket that would only need minor adjustments. I do see what someone mentioned about the fastenings jingling. I don't think that's a big deal it's not something I've found to be annoying. You'll probably forget about any minor sounds when you're actually going about your daily life wearing the jacket. Seems like good solid Barbour quality as well. I feel like the jacket will last my lifetime and beyond, same with my Commander. Definitely like to have a garment feel strong and tough when I'm shelling out over 200 bucks for another navy jacket lol.

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  • JB1106340JB1106340 Posts: 329MI6 Agent

    If anyone would be willing to link up and send a Covert from Nordstrom to the UK give me a PM please!

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 1,668MI6 Agent

    @IceQ found another UK dealer that has the jacket for 249 GBP. Still more expensive than the Nordstrom price. But Nordstrom is down to sizes XS and Large to XXL and CRUISE has all sizes in stock. And once you add in taxes and shipping for the Nordstrom one, I would guess the prices get closer.

    Hope that helps!

  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 325MI6 Agent

    Hi, slightly off topic but you may solve my problem.

    I'm trying to contact Barbour to verify something, only issue is that they don't answer customer care nor IG. Do you have a contact or something like that to reach out directly?

    Would be very grateful!

  • chriscollins007chriscollins007 North Somerset , England Posts: 1,091MI6 Agent

    I contacted barbour too and just told me to sign up to newsletter and watch the website , so helpful 😡

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  • Mattia De VartiMattia De Varti ItalyPosts: 325MI6 Agent

    Very helpful!

  • tardis1711tardis1711 Posts: 199MI6 Agent

    I received mine today. I ordered a small and I'm a 40.5 inch chest.

    Fits me just right. Very pleased with it.

  • chriscollins007chriscollins007 North Somerset , England Posts: 1,091MI6 Agent looks like stock has now been removed , explains why official Barbour were so cagey

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  • Remmert007Remmert007 Posts: 230MI6 Agent

    Thanks for all the posts here (links to Nordstrom, size advice), I was able to get a Large at Nordstrom, wondering if I should trade for a Medium, as they are indeed quite boxy and wide. Nice thin jacket though. Reason I might keep the Large is that the sleeves are good for my long arms.

    Did anyone actually take this to a tailor to be made more fitted?

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  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,163MI6 Agent

    Hi R.

    I live near the Barbour factory and was in a few weeks ago. I had the covert on and spoke to the tailor who does the official alterations, he seemed fine with thinning my sleeve width a little. I didn't get it done as not sure yet.

    For ref my M is a great fit on my 42 chest, 34 waist, regular arms for a 6ft chap

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  • jacekalanjacekalan GdyniaPosts: 29MI6 Agent
    edited September 15

    How long is the L/XL? Most of my Bond jackets are XL (Barbour, Varvatos, RTG). I'm still not sure which size to choose. I'm 6ft 2 with a 43 chest.

  • shilton125shilton125 SCOTLANDPosts: 318MI6 Agent

    Barbour Edinburgh told me the jacket will be released in their stores when the movie is released

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 1,668MI6 Agent

    Heads up: looks like the Covert is back in stock at END Clothing ($295/245 GBP)

    Hopefully that helps soften the blow for anyone that was disappointed about the Danners today. Cheers!

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