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    What colour was Daniel's hair in his Bond films? When I think about it generally, his hair was blonde. But if you look at photos, it actually varied considerable. I think a lot has to do with the camera filters, the sets, location, lighting, etc. Nonetheless, my take is:

    (1) CR: Blonde/brown
    (2) QOS: Golden brown/brown
    (3) SF: Blonde
    (4) SP: Blonde
    (5) NTTD: Brown/Grey

    Was Daniel a bit ginger in some scenes in QOS....(It's probably just the lighting and camera filter. Nevertheless, these are two of the sexiest images in his tenure as 007)

  • LuciusNightmareLuciusNightmare Posts: 79MI6 Agent
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    Thanks, I will show this image to the barber when the government permits me to have a haircut again!
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    He absolutely had his best style in QOS, especially when it's messed up slightly.
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  • LuciusNightmareLuciusNightmare Posts: 79MI6 Agent
    I think it's mostly blond, but it does look a little red in the above photos.

    At other points, it looks more brown in QOS mostly.

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    Did anyone else think the quiff in CR was a little abrupt and square?

  • bsantangelobsantangelo Posts: 9MI6 Agent

    Yes. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.

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    Honestly think this is the best Craig hair by far. It makes him look younger and much smoother.

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    A lot has to do with the angle. Sometimes it can look quite neat. Much like this deleted scene from CR

    Personally, my favourite hair look in CR is this scene......

    Daniel's Bond just doesn't suit the more refined classical look in CR. It's something he grew into with subsequent films. But in CR, he looked better when he was out in the field. His styling in the suits always felt a little off.....

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    I really like Daniel's hair in CR; it suits him that stage of the character. Theoretically he has spent a significant amount of time in the military and kept his hair fairy tight, much like what he's sporting in SF; so he's getting use to having a bit more length and what to do with it.

    There are moments in CR where his look is perfect, one being when he's broken into M's apartment, the other when he and Vesper are having dinner following the card game.

    His hair in SF is a one off, a return to his military roots; he may have just gotten tires of dealing with it and told his barber, 'get rid of it'.

    I've always thought that there was a missed opportunity, and a misstep in the PTS of SF; rather than making age an issue, something that somewhat painted the series into a corner, they could have made disillusionment Bond's motivation for "enjoying death". One way that this could have been shown would have been to have Bond looking pretty much the same as he did in CR and QoS. Following his ""death" he would be seen with the tighter cut; perhaps he did it himself or had a local do it as part of shedding all of the trappings of his MI-6 identity.

    His looks for SP and NTTD look like a natural progression from CR. I actually think a less polished look suits Craig more than a every-hair-in place look.

    Last but not least, Bond is sporting something in NTTD that immensely improves his appearance, EYEBROWS! Lol. Craig's tend to bleach out.

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    I agree 100%.

    Some parts of CR it looks amazing. It suits his edgy and rough Bond (eg; PTS, Madagascar, M's flat, Bahamas and Venice). It's just a portion of the film where he has to suit him that's a little dodgy. But I like the shorter look, it suits Craig's 'bad boy' edgy vibe.

    I actually think the slightly rougher, less polished look suits Craig. For example, I always liked his look during the QOS promotional tour.

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