Christmas cues in Bond films

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Rewatching DAF the other day, a never-before-recorded observation came to mind, on a par with noticing the Three Blind Mice lurking near Strangway's gaffe when Bond visits in Dr No.

It's at Morten Slumber's crematorium. When you hear the organ music, why, it's the notes from 'Here Comes Santa Claus' the jingley Xmas song. This, of course, can only be a reference to the last film, the Christmas themed OHMSS in which Tracy's death played such a large part. I can't believe nobody's pointed this out before.

Likewise, the twinkley opening notes of For Your Eyes Only, which featured the return of the Blofeld from OHMSS and the reference to Tracy in the cemetery, recall the opening of Johnny Mathis' When a Child is Born - like OHMSS, a Xmas-themed thing. It's no coincidence that Mathis was considered to sing the previous theme, Moonraker.

I am clearly on fire so I intend to rewatch all the other Bond films to see if I can pinpoint other uncanny subtexts. I promise to keep you posted.
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