Re-cast a classic Bond movie with modern actors

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Let's play a game! Imagine the older Bond movies were made today. Call it a re-make or maybe you can imagine it's the first time the story is being made. Who do you want to make it?
To make it more difficult/interesting you're not allowed to cast people who've already been in Bond movies. Here is is my FRWL 2021. I've thought outside the box at times. Some of the actors are far too famous for this type of parts.

Director: David Fincher (FRWL is a thriller and Fincher is one of the best thriller directors today)
Bond: Ed Skrein
Tatiana: Mila Kunis
Kerim Bey: Michael Gambon (likable character actor)
Rosa Klebb: Helena Bonham Carter (small, and Harry Potter proved she can be scary and strange)
Red Grant: Silje Torp (Lilihammer, Norsemen. At first I imagined her as Klebb, but she's tall, blonde and a bodybuilder. Google her!)
Kronsteen: Sasha Baron Cohen (striking looks, and comedians can be very good in serious roles)

Feel free to comment, but I really want to see your modern versions of classic Bond movies!


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    I'm making another attempt :007)

    Licence to kill

    007 - Aidan Turner
    Sanchez - Oscar Isaac
    Pam Bouvier - Sylvia Hoeks
    Lupe - Morena Baccarin
    Leiter - Alan Tudyk
    Milton Krest - Peter Skarsgård
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    Good Choices N24.

    From Russia With Love (a few years ago)

    007: Hugh Jackman
    Tatiana: MyAnna Buring
    Red Grant: Daniel Craig
    Sylvia Trench: Rachel Weisz
    Rosa Klebb: Corinna Harfouch
    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    Goldeneye 2021

    007 - Sam Hueghan

    M - Charles Dance

    Alex Trevellyan - James Norton

    Xenia Onatop - Silje Torp (Lillehammer, Norsemen. Always perfect playing badass women)

    Jack Wade -?

    Natalya - Anya Taylor-Joy

    Ouromov - Vincent Cassell

    Boris - Alex Lawther (The young Alan Turing in The Imitation Game)

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    Interesting choices, Red Kind. I'd like to watch that movie.

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