David Arnold Interview on CR

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A pretty interesting article regarding David Arnold working with Chris Cornell for the CR title song.

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    Thanks Gymkata.

    A great example of what I think is the right way to go about creating the music for a Bond film ie. composer to write a theme early on in the process. In this case it was so much more vital because You Know My Name also had to carry some of the weight in action scenes that the JB theme would normally do. I think it was terrifically effective, much like the OHMSS theme.

    When Casino Royale came out there was a TV show hosted by David Walliams that was called something like 'My Life With James Bond' and he interviewed Arnold in that show. They told an anecdote about how Arnold played Walliams You Know My Name on the piano in the early stages of the process and Walliams was so keen on it that I think he said he started discarding his clothes in excitement. As a David Walliams fan, I'd love to track down that show again but I've never found it online since I saw it in 2006.
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    Thank you!
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    Great interview. Interesting to read how closely Arnold associated the "new" character of Bond with the thematic content of the song. I'd always assumed he was referring to the "old" character - a nod to the audience - a sort of musical 'This never happened to the other fella.'

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    He's doing a Tim's Listening Party on Twitter tonight for Shaken Not Stirred.

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