QoS Harrington or Rogue Territory?

Hi everyone

is it just me that gets a bit of buyers remorse !

I have a Royale Harrington but hanker after a RT too. It seems so indulgent to have both (not the only jackets in the wardrobe either!)

So which one or screw it and have both !??

Thanks for the therapy everyone!


  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 1,740MI6 Agent

    If you can afford both and have space for both, then both😁 Practicality wise, I think you'll get more wear out of the Harrington but the RGT is something a bit different and less 'ordinary'. Difficult decision.

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 43MI6 Agent

    Interesting you say that. I find that I ‘baby’ the Harrington a bit. The RT looks a lot more rugged and durable.

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 1,946MI6 Agent

    Man I wish I had the willpower to think that two is too many :P

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 43MI6 Agent

    I haven’t either I’m afraid !

  • cmdr_bongcmdr_bong AustraliaPosts: 189MI6 Agent

    Depending on the climate where you resides. I owned both and I adore both. However I find myself not as keen to reach for the RGT because of the material; waxed cotton is not the easiest to wear. It does cause you to sweat if the mercury creeps up or if there are abit of humidity in the air. Also given the stiff shape and fitted sillouette layering would be an issue if you feel it is cool enough to rock, but it gets chilly in the morning or in the evening (it is a light jacket afterall). For me here in Australia where autumn and winter are mild I really do have to plan to wear the RGT (and for that matter the Barbour commander jacket also).

    I don't have that problem with the Royale harrington. It is comfortale and breathable in most condition, and certainly can be dressed up and down.

    Having said all that I wouldn't give up the RGT at all. It is just a cool (style not temperature) jacket, and a bargain to cop in terms of Bond jacket. And it is so completely different to the Royale harrington there is every justifications to have both 😁

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 43MI6 Agent

    Great feedback. I think the attraction of the RT is that it might be durable in the UK weather. I’m really surprised how warm it is too wear which could be an advantage here.

    Hey I like them both! I have this dream of getting down to a solid seven coats for ever occasion but temptation keeps taking over!

  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 2,943MI6 Agent

    Get 'em both.

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  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 1,946MI6 Agent

    The RT is very much a jacket that evolves as you wear it. There's almost no waxy stiffness on mine a year in.

  • cmdr_bongcmdr_bong AustraliaPosts: 189MI6 Agent

    That's good to hear. With the arrival of Autumn I will try and wear this tank in.

  • Greg137blueGreg137blue milford michiganPosts: 73MI6 Agent

    I decided to get both. There total different jackets. My advise is If you can afford it get both.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 43MI6 Agent

    Thanks Greg. Good advice.

  • JTullock23JTullock23 ArizonaPosts: 284MI6 Agent

    I will echo what others have said. If you can afford both and have space for them then get both. I live in an exceptionally dry, hot climate so I would find that the RGT wouldn't likely be the right choice for me. I may do more traveling as the COVID situation simmers down. If that is the case then I would likely opt for one for those occasions. I do have a Harrington and the Royale Haiti jacket. Love them both. The real question I would ask myself is if I would choose the screen accurate color or one of the other colors which would fit my color pallet more. Good luck making the right choice for you.

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