A Shark Gun ..... Naturally


Some time ago I was alerted to the fact that someone was creating 3D prints of the LALD Shark Gun, now after many hours of filling, sanding, spraying, re-spraying, polishing and ageing were possible, then cutting foam and covering with flocked material, most of these tasks I have never attempted before!!!

This particular prop has been on my wish list for many years, It's by no means perfect and needs a few tweaks, but I am happy with it and will suffice until someone makes a metal version.

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  • Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous Posts: 7,070MI6 Agent

    Nice work!!

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  • danjaq_0ffdanjaq_0ff The SwampsPosts: 6,971MI6 Agent

    Spot on Rob 👌

  • Smithers500Smithers500 Spectre IslandPosts: 1,021MI6 Agent

    Looks superb!

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  • minigeffminigeff EnglandPosts: 7,745MI6 Agent

    Oh very good. 👍 nicely done sir.

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  • ttdriverttdriver Posts: 185MI6 Agent


  • HigginsHiggins GermanyPosts: 16,366MI6 Agent

    I notice that you took a small break from creating paper tat, Rob 🤣🤣

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  • Alex1995Alex1995 France/GermanyPosts: 302MI6 Agent

    Really nice result Rob!! 👍

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  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 4,090MI6 Agent
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    Wow, looks great: I love that case- nice touch!

  • Sir MilesSir Miles The Wrong Side Of The WardrobePosts: 25,163Chief of Staff

    Great result, Rob 🍸

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  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,719MI6 Agent

    If Higgy wasn’t full of gas already, then I’d suggest testing it 🤨

  • Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous Posts: 7,070MI6 Agent

    Those 3D prints are incredibly difficult to get smooth too, and the filler doesn't always take. How did you manage to get it so smooth?

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  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,699MI6 Agent

    Superb craftsmanship, Rob! Very hard to tell it from the original prop!!!!   ----Ed


    Firstly 'THANK YOU' to everyone for your praise, I am truly humbled🍸️

    Secondly in answer to your C&D, I used a filler called XTC3D, when mixed and applied correctly can give an amazing smooth finish, I also used wood filler for any real large gaps, but mostly patience and plenty of sanding.

    One of us smells like a tart's handkerchief.
  • Alex1995Alex1995 France/GermanyPosts: 302MI6 Agent

    Sanding filling sanding filling.. sanding... I feel your pain Robert..! 🙌 😅

    I just had another look to the model you have certainly used, and again.... congratulations! 👏👏

    You did a hell of a job!!!! Really really impressive! 👍

    (without even talking about the case! )

    - François

    If you want to additionally mess up with some blueing/ageing for the barrel, please do not hesitate to ask, I may help with some tips 😉

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  • UNCLE27UNCLE27 EnglandPosts: 1,093MI6 Agent

    Really, excellent work. Nice painting.

    I’d noticed that Shark Gun too and was considering getting one.

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