Psychological Help Needed! Help me enjoy these clothes!

Hi Everyone!

is this just me ? I buy the jackets and then leave them in the wardrobe. Eg I love the Royale Harrington but haven’t worn it yet in case I get a mark on it.

End up buying a frugal spare to take the everyday hits of life.

An I alone and how did you get over it!


  • CajunCajun Posts: 317MI6 Agent
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    It's a tough choice knowing the nicer pieces may or may not be re-released, and who knows how they'll fit if they do reappear. Not to mention the replacement expense.

    Frugal spares have their place for things like outdoor activity, work wear or throwing in the back of a car. The problem is the nicer pieces take forever to "break in" just sitting in a closet.

    While I share your conundrum, I try to keep in mind that life is short, the stuff was purchased to wear and what am I preserving it for. Wearing opportunities like weather, number of social events, etc. also factor into the equation. My biggest challenge is a warmer climate limiting opportunities to get any kind of regular use out of favorite pieces.

    As counterintuitive as it seems, it may be prudent to let some of your frugals go to give their counterparts more use. I did this with shoes and am content with it.

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    Thanks for that. I’ve been on a treadmill of hunting these things down and regretting the cost.

    Time to enjoy them!!!

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 1,568MI6 Agent

    This topic has come up before and I shared a pretty simple philosophy I have. Don't buy the best you can afford; buy the best you're going to wear.

    I know way too many guys that spend $700 on a pair of nice shoes or $1500 on a leather jacket and then they're terrified of wearing the stuff in case it gets scuffed or stained. If you're not using it, you're collecting it. And there are way better opportunities for investing your money.

    This is supposed to be a fun hobby. If you're fighting with your clothes, you're doing it wrong imho. Relax and either sell the stuff you're not using and buy pieces that look similar that you'll enjoy wearing or break out the good stuff and start wearing it. In most cases the more expensive pieces are better built and will look better with some miles put on them. But don't try and force yourself to wear something that causes you stress. It's just not worth it.



  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,095MI6 Agent

    Unless you're a collector or plan on reselling the item one day, hopefully at a profit, you should wear your clothes IMHO. Obviously, if you really love something that would be expensive to replace, you want to go easy with it. Don't wear a Matchless suede jacket outdoors if the forecast calls for torrential rain. But clothing to me is meant to be worn. You can own a fancy watch and keep it in a box and take it out to look at and still get pleasure from it. But a jacket? For my part, I like the way wearing something special in public makes me feel about myself — even more so when it just looks sharp and people don't identify it with Bond.

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 1,950MI6 Agent

    Wear your clothes. Life doesn't have a rehearsal phase, and they'll be out of date in ten years.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 1,764MI6 Agent

    Couldn't agree more with all of the above. Life is too short. Wear your Bond clothes.

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    Thank you everyone ! Wonderful advice!

  • MrEMrE Can't be too careful Posts: 469MI6 Agent

    A.) Bond destroys everything he wears. One thing that contributes heavily to his vibe of cool is that he doesn't give a crap. (His Y-3 only got 1 use before he threw it away when he broke into some poor bloke's locker and stole his tux, and that was after the jacket had been seriously abused. Imagine if when he tried to save the girl on the boat he said "Sorry, I can't involve myself in a boat chase right now...I can't risk getting my Y-3 wet, I do hope you understand."

    I sold an expensive pair of Bond sunglasses on eBay one time ($1,000+) they were in new condition and when the buyer received them, he opened a case against me on eBay, because and I quote: "There was a hair in the box that they came in, so they couldn't possibly be 'new'." He sent me a long message lecturing me on "integrity in sales". And when eBay ruled the case in his favor, I asked him when he was going to send the glasses back to me. He never responded. I even asked him, "Do you want to give me another talk about integrity?" He didn't make a peep. eBay let him keep his money and the glasses. When I called eBay they apologized and admitted that someone made a mistake and he shouldn't have won the case. All because of what? a hair?.....sooooo unBond like.

    Be a BA guy, not a prissy guy. There are way too many prissy ones out there. I know, I know, I'm probably exuding toxic masculinity. Sorry I'm not sorry.

  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    Excellent advice. It’s why I posted the thread with Bond all beaten up. Part of the reason I consider selling is the filling I’ve ‘wasted’ money. Then you get stories like yours where it gets lost anyway. ( I’ve had similar issues on eBay but I haven’t taken a hit as big as that . Gutting )

  • MrEMrE Can't be too careful Posts: 469MI6 Agent

    Yeah, you're going to be fine. Although we do fully expect to see updated photos of your harrington once it has burn marks and bullets holes. You got this.

  • SauceBossSauceBoss Posts: 11MI6 Agent
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    Don't worry you'll get desensitized to it, like after the first scratch on a new car or watch. I wear my jackets into work wear my ship is currently under construction in shipyard, so lots of rust and dust everywhere. I could seriously do a single barrel roll on the floor in my harrington and look like the picture you posted.

  • JTullock23JTullock23 ArizonaPosts: 284MI6 Agent

    I waited years to get either a Royale Haiti Or Harrington jacket. I couldn’t allow myself to part with the money. I reside in a rather warm area in the US so the thought of purchasing a jacket is wear a few months a year wasn’t something I was sure I wanted to do. Finally my significant other told me I should just buy it since I could afford it. I settled, not in a negative sense, on the Haiti jacket. I love it! I wore it and even got some dirt on it. It’s still in great shape! I’ll clean it and store it until winter comes around again. I can’t wait to wear it again when the time is right or if I travel to a cooler climate. In summary, as a man that hates spending money on myself, I am so glad I made the decision to make the purchase. I concur with what was said previously to buy what you’ll wear and not just want you can afford. Good luck!

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  • CajunCajun Posts: 317MI6 Agent

    Spot on about the rehearsal phase. Thankfully, DC's wardrobe has endured for so long due to its timelessness through SF. Spectre and NTTD I'm not so confident about.

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    Great advice everyone. These things are meant to be worn.

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