Royale Madagascar Shirt advice

Hi everyone,

Was looking to get one of the newest Madagascar shirts from Royale and was still a bit unsure on sizing (despite Daniel’s excellent chart). Does anyone have one? And if so would you be able to share sizing insights? Would be greatly appreciated!


  • SauceBossSauceBoss Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    They are true to size in my opinion. Maybe just a tad on the large side due to them being regular fit and not slim fit. Some careful dryer time should bring it down to where you want it, but be careful as he states the material can go down an entire size. I am 5"10, 185lbs, 33 waist and got a Medium.

  • JB1106340JB1106340 Posts: 250MI6 Agent

    Excellent advice, thanks very much!

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