What should every collector have?

Which three items of clothing are essential?

I will put forward the Barbour Commander, a sunspel polo, a wing tip brown boot.

Equally I could just choose three jackets.

Billy Reid Pea coat, Barbour Commander, Quantum Harrington.

Any ideas?


  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 1,764MI6 Agent

    Subjective really and based on other factors.

    If we're talking clothing, I would say the Riviera Sunspel is a staple for the wardrobe.

    Some coats and jackets may not be practical for the climate you live in, so in that regard might not be worth owning, unless you're happy just to own it and wear once or twice per year.

    Also depends on your favourite Bond, favourite film, favourite scene. One person might think Connery's hacking jacket from Goldfinger is essential, another might think Brosnan's Church's are a must. Horses for courses really.

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    That is a good point. Who is your favourite Bond will play a part. That said I love Moore but avoid the flares !

  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 2,981MI6 Agent

    Personally, I'd say have one complete outfit that you admire from a film and can wear and enjoy. Ensure this is an outfit that will look 'normal' when you're out and about but will catch the eye of any James Bond fan who might tip their hat at you in recognition.

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  • GaryorangeGaryorange Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    Gotta be the Skyfall lodge outfit for me then. 😇

  • SauceBossSauceBoss Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    It's hard not to include the navy sunspel riviera polo, it's iconic, affordable, and easy to pull off for anyone. As for the other two I would say is whatever jacket "speaks" to you (cause there's so many good ones to choose from) and a pair of brown suede chukka boots. My first were QoS harrington and C&J Molton from NTTD. You can pair these with some nice jeans or chinos and have a pretty good casual outfit.

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