Sunspel grey riviera t shirt sizing

Hi All

Looking for sizing advice for these - I have a black and navy riviera polo in small and the black fits perfectly, the navy is a little tighter but med is too big for a fitted look, how do the Riviera T's compare and is the sizing similar?



  • SauceBossSauceBoss Posts: 11MI6 Agent

    I own Classic T's, Riviera T's, Riviera V-neck, and Riviera polos in various colors and all in medium. I am 5'10, 185lbs, 41 chest, and 33 waist with a somewhat muscular/athletic build. The fit is perfect for me with no material flopping around in the waist or arms, yet it's not painted on. I guess my body is their ideal Medium... lucky me. But that's my data point for you.

    I suppose you can try doing some shrinking in the dryer. I'm not sure how Sunspel stuff behaves cause I air dry it all. But I did do such a thing with the Royale Madagascar shirt with good success. I also did the same with my Rag n Bone Henley's, also with success... though admittedly I would have been better off ordering small to begin with.

  • explore007explore007 Posts: 168MI6 Agent

    Thanks - really helpful so `i think I'll stick with small and risk being painted on!!!

  • JacobJacob DenmarkPosts: 276MI6 Agent

    I've found that sizing is the same between the polos and t-shirts, so I'd pick a small t-shirt if I were you.

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