Avery Tie Width Q

biesnacksbiesnacks Posts: 45MI6 Agent

hey yall. About to order an avery tie to go with my sloop suit. My question is on width, i know DC wears a 3.5 in tie NTTD, but that seems insanely wide to me lol. I'm a thin athletic build, 160lbs, 5'11, feel like a 3in might be better for my frame. Is it totally taboo to not grab the SA one?

wondering what ya'll think overall, ty


  • NoiNoi Posts: 488MI6 Agent

    the SA 3.5 matches perfectly with the laple-width of the MA Sloop Suit, so if you combine it primarily with the Sloop it will look harmonic

    However, if you mix the styles and want to wear it with suits that have a thinner lapel, it can or will look odd, hope that helps.

    but if you think that the 3 '' fits your stature better then take this size, there is no taboo! grab the style that works for you and you are happy with

  • biesnacksbiesnacks Posts: 45MI6 Agent

    thanks man! i feel like im going to split the difference and go with a 3in, feel like itll look and feel like the SA but also give me some flexibility to pair with others. thanks again!

  • Matt SMatt S Oh Cult Voodoo ShopPosts: 6,525MI6 Agent

    On your frame, a 3.5" tie will not look too wide. 20 years ago, a 3.5" tie seemed awfully narrow on just about any man! But if you prefer a narrow tie, there's nothing wrong with getting a 3" tie.

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  • SnorpleySnorpley Posts: 31MI6 Agent

    I don't think the 3.5 feels wide at all. I'm 5'10" 72kg. And I think it'd look great on anyone. If I bought again I'd probably get one made in a shorter length. I probably where a higher rise pant than some and I can find it a challenge to keep the tail shorter (or as short as) the blade/tip.

    All the best,


    ...a brother from Sydney
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