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I don't want to stick someone on the wall of shame, but I'm trying to make sense of my last deal on here. I will give him a chance to defend himself, but I can't in good conscience say nothing, in case this happens to someone else on here.

I bought a COS shirt and a pair of ACNE pants from JBT0077 last week (who's sales thread, I can no longer find)

I will say he was very nice and polite and kind enough to reserve the items for me. I asked him if we could use UPS shipping due to the speed of the service; I told him I would pay for the extra cost. He agreed, I paid him, then I received a small refund of a little over $30 us dollars. He sent me a message saying shipping wasn't quite as much as he calculated. He gave me a tracking number. I thanked him for the small reimbursement and thought to myself: (what a great seller!) I checked the tracking number and to this day it only says "label created".

Some days later, I get a message that basically says UPS gave him the package back, there was a problem with customs, so he's decided not to ship overseas, that it costs too much and doesn't make sense. I've written him 3 times, 3 days ago, mostly asking for more info, I asked him if he sold to someone else, I even offered to pay him more. No response.

I will say that he did end up refunding me and since I sent the money "family-friends" he could have run off with it, so I'm glad for that, still can't help but feel like I got played somehow. I invested a decent amount of time in this deal. If anyone thinks I'm overreacting, let me know, like I said, I'm not trying to shame anyone, but I found this very odd. And now I can't even find his original sales thread.


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    edited due to further posts making it a moot point.

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    Have you ever shipped internationally? I’ve had to do exactly what he did before, granted I was very good about communication. He isn’t a business and probably didn’t / doesn’t have a lot of experience. If he did have n issue and he took the item back then refunded you I don’t see a problem here. Without hearing his side of this and only yours, yes he probably could have provided more insight but he probably also has a life and maybe doesn’t have time. Just giving my opinion. It’s happened to me, and I’ve had to simply cancel the transaction, issue a refund, and keep my buyer informed. International shipping can be unique especially with clothing etc and not many are well versed.

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    Depending on where it is being shipped from and to it could be a crap shoot. I’ve sent things to had things shipped from Canada and no problem. Shipped to the UK as well. No problems. Some times things go haywire. Good luck to you in the future.

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    It is what it is, and I'm not very upset. Like I said the guy has been kind, and I'm not trying to smear his name, but if someone offered him more, it would have been nice if he had at least given me a chance to match the other offer.

    I realize he has a life, but keep in mind he was communicating with me everyday right up to the point he said sorry, and then ghosted me. I told him repeatedly I would pay whatever the cost is, so I'm inclined to agree with Asp9mm, at least that's how it looks right now.

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    To be honest, based on my eBay experiences, you should be glad you got your money back !

    It is disappointing though.

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    Garyorange, I am happy I got my money back, and I do know companies like UPS can be quite annoying when it comes to customs and overseas shipments. But considering that he still hasn't answered any of my questions or messages and chose to just cut me off...I still have to say buyer beware.

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    I will shortly Shime in.

    Generally i have very Open about the issues with ups and have immediately informed Triple Seven that shipping isn't possible due to very weird shipping Options by the logistic company. Second to that i have right afterwards refund Triple Seven.Also i have dealt with a Lot of people in the board as seller and buyer and there have never been an issue. Actually i'm sorry that the deal does'nt worked out in the end. And understand the disapointment.

    But i have immediately refund you and all the Other buyers In the EU received the items as described.

    To Open a Thread to blame me is in my opinion a Bit overreacted.

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    Is there a reason that this could not have been handled privately?

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    I also told you that you could use regular post. The easy one. The post office of your home land. UPS was simply my preference. I only wanted express (if possible).

    I repeatedly said good things about you, and pointed it out myself that you refunded me. But you stopped communicating instead of coming up with another solution.

    If you follow through and sell me the items, I'll retract my statement and have the mods close this thread.

    You can use your local post office like you did with the other items you sold.

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    If he sells you the items you will close the thread?? Getting to be a bit more trolling than anything lol. No offense but if it’s too much of an issue for the seller and he refunded you he isn’t obligated to do anything. And obviously as I had stated previously he probably has a life other than sit and pm all day?

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    Sounds to me like you're throwing your toy's out of your pram because you didn't get your own way, then smearing a guy that you admit is kind.

    I suggest that this thread is closed and removed.

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    triple seven in your opening statement you said:

    "If anyone thinks I'm overreacting, let me know."

    I think you are overreacting.

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    I found out the real story. He sold to someone else. Asp9mm called it.

    Bad salesmanship.

    Dropping the matter.

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    If it makes you feel any better...

    cos and acne are garbage.

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