Buying a house, selling some stuff: Sloop Suit, TF108s

frommeyerfrommeyer ChicagoPosts: 403MI6 Agent

I'm listing these on eBay tomorrow or so but I thought I'd give you guys first crack.

I have a brand new, unaltered MA Sloop suit. Size 40. Looking for $750 for this.

I also have some gray and brown TF108s. They're used but in good condition. No original box/case/cloth. I'll upload pictures of those shortly. Looking for about $350 there.

I'm US based. I can ship international but will need to add $35 for that.


  • othertravelothertravel Posts: 390MI6 Agent

    Really nice stuff. Tempted by the polo. Also, congrats on the house!

  • frommeyerfrommeyer ChicagoPosts: 403MI6 Agent

    Thanks! Really excited, actually. Love the property. Also, the polo is sold.

    Also, apologies to everyone who sent a message I didn't reply to - I forgot to check in and they stacked up.

  • TroyIkedaTroyIkeda Los Angeles Posts: 224MI6 Agent

    PM sent about 108s

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