How to Wash Tommy Bahama Catalina

Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone had any tips for washing the Catalina Twill shirt. My partner threw the last one I purchased in work and there was considerable shrinkage as well as a hardness to the texture as a result. Really want to keep the same feel and size on my others for the next go around! Any help is very welcome.


  • JTullock23JTullock23 ArizonaPosts: 293MI6 Agent

    I’ve washed mine in cold and laid flat to dry. This option will leave you needing to iron/steam it. I prefer to dry clean it. It comes out very well that way. I would have the cleaners steam it versus pressing it. That’s what I have found that works best.

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  • GymkataGymkata Minnesota, USAPosts: 3,099MI6 Agent

    Dry clean. I've found that washing silk shirts changes the feel of the material, no matter what I do.

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  • SauceBossSauceBoss Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    Oof, I wish I read this before I washed mine lol. Anyway to restore that silky feeling it had? With steam maybe? Or is it just going to be like any of my other regular shirts now.

  • JB1106340JB1106340 Posts: 281MI6 Agent

    Thanks for the advice folks, I had the same problem as you SauceBoss and don’t want to make the same mistake on my other shirt!

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