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Rogue Territory sizing assistance...

I have yet to try one on. It seems that a lot of people on here purchase it in size Large then end up down sizing to a Medium. Is the fit odd on this jacket? According to sizing charts the armpit to armpit measurement on the size Large is about 21.5 inches...that seems kinda small to me.

The Y-3 jacket in size small measures 22 inches from armpit to armpit.

Any tips or advice before purchasing would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,558MI6 Agent

    The Y-3 jacket runs large so I wouldn't really use it as a point of reference. Besides the chest measurements I would also be concerned with the shoulder dimensions but I would suggest you buy a medium and a large. I bought an XL but I bought a XXL because of the shoulder measurements but I sent the XXL back because it was way too big everywhere else.

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  • MrEMrE Can't be too careful Posts: 493MI6 Agent

    Thanks for that. I feel like I'm one size smaller than you are, so I think a large should suffice should I pull the trigger.

    I'm not overly thrilled with the looks of this jacket...nor do I look forward to the breaking in "stiff and rigid" phase.

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    It's a nice jacket and will last a lifetime, the feel does take a bit of getting used to. The rigidness will lessen. Personally, I don't like the feel of the wax against my bare arms, so I wear a long sleeve top or shirt with it.

    I bought a small and medium. (Chest 37, Waist 31). I think I am slap bang inbetween sizes, but the medium is certainly more comfortable. The small might look more tailored when undone, but looks too tight and small when buttoned up and is a bit restrictive. I've only worn the small around the house, so may sell it at some point.

    Lastly, I think you should really like the jacket before pulling the trigger. I would be hesitant buying something just because it's Bond. It's why I've steered clear of the Giubbino jacket and the Catalina shirt. They just don't do it for me enough to purchase.

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  • MrEMrE Can't be too careful Posts: 493MI6 Agent

    Thanks for the advice fellas.

    the red kind, I agree, I wouldn't buy something just for the bond connection either, I've always liked military-inspired jackets, but it's mostly how stiff this jacket is that has me a little stand-offish, on the + side, it's not a bad price, when other Bond jackets retail for close to $2,000.

    Speaking of price...if anybody knows any promo codes or websites selling the rogue for less than retail, let me know. I think retail is right around $295.

  • SauceBossSauceBoss Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    Alright here we go... I am 41 chest, 33 waist, 5'10", and 185lbs. The size large fits me perfectly. I used David Z's video as a reference. What he did was shorten the sleeves and take in the jacket at the bottom. Since I have a wider waist I did not do anything to the jacket other than shorten the sleeves. So if you want the perfect fit, I would say be willing to have it tailored. With that in mind, the most important factor should be your shoulder and chest fit. The armpit area should have a snug fit (but not constricting) as that will add to the tailored look, kind of like a suit jacket.

    When I wear this jacket it feels like I am wearing armor because of the rigidity, but it is breaking in. I really like it, but I will agree with The Red Kind in that I am not a fan of the wax feeling on your bare skin. I will say it does get a lot of compliments though.

    I bought mine from STAG Provisions, which offers a 15% off code for signing up to their email... I think.

  • cmdr_bongcmdr_bong AustraliaPosts: 190MI6 Agent

    I'm 6'0 tall, 40in chest, 32in waist. Wears a Medium in almost all brands.

    My RGT in Medium offers me a nice snug fit across the chest and shoulders. These have very high armholes also, so that's something to be aware of. As most folks has commented these takes some breaking in for it to mold onto you. I also noticed that when you first throw the jacket on it tends to almost fight against your body, but then it will eventually settle on you with some movements, and that's when it begins to feel comfortable. I call it "taming the jacket" 😜

    The problem I have with this jacket is the lenght of both the body and sleeves. Now I'm a tallish guy with long arm so other folk's miles will differ. I usually require a sleeve lenght of 25.5 - 26in for the cuffs to hit where they should, and this jacket certainly does not come close to that. Having said that I think the shorter sleeves works well with the vintage workwear style, and it doesn't look arkward like an ill-fitting jacket. Still I do wish I have another half an inch of extra sleeve lenght. Also this is a SHORT jacket, and I like me some short blouson style jacket personally! I find myself tugging at the back from time to time when I move as I feel the back of the jacket riding up.

    There are times when I wonder whether I should chase a size large and see if it will work better for me. But seeing all the comments here I believe it will require some serious tailoring work done, and I just CBF 😅 This is not a daily jacket for me, and with the right clothing combination it looks smashing.

    Something else to be aware of is the climate of where you reside. Wax cotton is not a hugely practical material, and it can get quite uncomfortable even with a slight rise in temperature and humidity. This is another reason why this jacket is not a daily jacket for me as I really have to keep my eyes on the daily weather forecast to see if today is the day I should throw this on.

  • MrEMrE Can't be too careful Posts: 493MI6 Agent

    Thanks for the extensive answers. Hopefully this thread helps more than just myself who are confused about sizing. I'm sure it will!

    Like a lot of others, I think I fall right between a medium and a large.

    Last that I know it has high armholes and narrow shoulders, I'm recalling my experience with the Barbour Skyfall waxed jacket: the dept. B / beacon / commander. I originally purchased a Medium but found it uncomfortably tight, I like the look and feel of the Barbour Skyfall size Large a lot more so decided on it in the end. In light of that, which size is recommended for me for the Rogue?

  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,558MI6 Agent

    Go for the large especially because of your shoulders and the high armholes!

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