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Probably the wrong section but curious if anyone knows of sales that N.Peal runs. Been wanting to grab a few more items.


  • MFisherMFisher Posts: 671MI6 Agent

    I could be wrong here.. but even when I have gotten emails from them about sales - I have never seen a Bond related item included...

  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,558MI6 Agent

    I've gotten a few offers from them and last time I checked the discounts were only applicable to non-Bond items.

    I know where you keep your gun!
  • ZChauvinZChauvin Posts: 222MI6 Agent

    Thanks guys, I actually went to the site and was able to get one item I had been wanting at a pretty good discount. Thankfully it wasn’t labeled as a “bond item” as DC wore it in a press conference not movie.

  • NoiNoi Posts: 488MI6 Agent
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    Farfetch sells nearly the entire 007 Collection from N. Peal although the items themselves never go on sale, you can use voucher codes on them (siging up for the newsletter for instance) you get like 10% maybe 15%, be aware that farfetch sells some items more expensive than N. Peal and some items have the same price, dunno why, guess its because they work with online-sellers together who can set their own prices


  • Agent_7777Agent_7777 LondonPosts: 4MI6 Agent

    Hi all, long time viewer ( hardly any posts ). Just to say, the code "spring15" ( without quotation marks ) can still be used on N Peal site to get 15% off - works on Bond items as i used it last week on the Skyfall jumper.

    Best wishes.

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