Brosnan Shirts and The Bond Collection at T&A- Mission Complete

Someone has suggested that I should start a new thread for the follow-up film at Turnbull & Asser.

I hope that you enjoy this video. I do my best impersonation of Emergency Room Escapologist Brosnan, and there’s even a dash of Jack Bauer, for fans of 24. 




  • Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous Posts: 7,118MI6 Agent

    Thoroughly enjoyed your excellent video review, Blair!

    The British Airways tie would certainly be a winner imo, as would aT&A version of the Tank scenes tie in Goldeneye, which I think you hint at in the video. Keep us posted!

    Btw - the Brosn-enby ensemble looks good on you 😉🍸

    "How was your lamb?" "Skewered. One sympathises."
  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 885MI6 Agent

    Fantastic video, thanks for putting that together - really enjoyed it

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