Thunderball Voit Regulator

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I know that probably a few of us already have one of these in their collection but I thought this one was special enough to show off.

A good friend of mine had been looking for Bond's Voit Dolphin regulator for some time but was always outbid at the last second. I started looking for him and was shocked to see it in excellent condition as a 'Buy it now' on EBay. I immediately called him but he had recently had car trouble and couldn't afford to buy it.

I told him this was TOO special and I would buy it for him and he could re-pay me later on.

Look closely and you'll see WHY this one is so VERY special.  --Ed


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    He's very lucky to have a friend like you, Ed - that's an amazing addition to anyone's modest (or not-so-modest) collection 🍸🍸🍸

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    Amazing!! what are the chances of that and in that condition!!

    Well done Ed 👍️

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    Thank you Ed for buying those breathers for me and I‘ll pay them back for sure my friend❤️

    • I mean, it was worth a shot, wasn‘t it?
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